Sunday, 3 June 2012

Police Steals Narcotics

Police steals drugs. How embarrassing!

An exhibit kept in the drug unit of the Criminal Investigations Department was among one of the items stolen from CID headquarters earlier this month. Millions of dollars worth of, what is said to be cocaine was stolen. This happened earlier last month. More recently, two police officers are being questioned because large quantities of marijuana have gone missing from Nabua Police Station where the drug was being held as exhibits for court cases.


Fiji police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said the latest finding had led to Police Commissioner Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua giving a directive for the immediate recovery and arrest of those involved.

The Nabua Police Station 
Two cases of drugs going missing right under polices nose. This is a very bad reflection on the Police Department. Is it because the police think that nothing would go missing for the police station itself? Perhaps, what is the more embarrassing is that in both cases, the police seem to have been responsible.

How dependable does this make the police department in handling drug cases? Granted that there have only been two situations in recent history but both happen in quick succession.
Who is to say that it would not happen again in future? The police should have more security when it comes to keeping drugs from being stolen.

It's usual within yakuza circuits
 to tattoo themselves
Could this also mean that there is a serious case of corruption in the department?  Or, as weird as it may sound, but could there be some huge drug cartel involved?

Fiji has not been unknown when in comes to producing and exporting drugs. Being the hub of the Pacific region, a lot of drugs have been caught here. A few years ago, crystal methamphetamine production was full under way. Luckily the police were able to bust the operation. But what my point here is that these Asian Mafias know Fiji as a potential.

I’m just thinking out loud here.

What could have motivated these police officers to do such a crime? Some money, maybe? Now the police department is not completely incompetent. So if they are caught, they would be duly punished for the crime. Why would they do it if they do not have ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel? An incentive of sorts.

Once again, I’m only thinking out loud here.

How plausible is it that a few police officers were influenced to steal drugs?

It could also be possible that these officers saw a market and acted on it. There is thousands of dollars worth of drugs (marijuana and cocaine) right in front of you and you need money. Who would notice if a few bags go missing?

The situation has given some unwanted publicity to the police department. It would be interesting to see how it will be handled.


  1. It is surprising that the one place which is supposed to be the institution to protect the common people from criminals has become targets themselves. The drugs that have been stolen must be worth a fortune on the streets. It is logical to say that the looters knew that there were drugs there. It could be the criminals who the drugs were apprehended from or it could be the officers. One thing is clear though, that it was some who knew. Even though the perception is that no one would steal from the police, and it is unusual, but that should not leave room for it to happen. I mean there are so many case files, reports, evidences etc kept there. A whole case would go to dust if any of those got missing so I think it is worth the extra security.

  2. It's sad that this happens within the police community. If we can't trust them, then who will enforce the law in our country? I think such institutions such as the police should really tighten up their security in order for our society to be a safer, better place. What is even more saddening is the fact that the most likely culprits of this act (stealing) is police themselves. Where does integrity come in? Are they working for the same boss? Or is it free for all. I think there's also a deeper problem at play here. Maybe they're underpaid, maybe they need good working conditions, who knows! Whatever it is, this matter must be dealt with immediately to ensure that law is upheld in society.

  3. Ahh nothing like a little bit of police corruption to keep things interesting around town. Corruption in the police system and the overall judicial system is not something new as it seems to happen all over the world. You said that there were 2 cases lately but maybe those are the only 2 cases that the public knows about. There may be police that take drugs before even turning them in as evidence or such small amounts may go missing that they are not even noticed. The police could also be trying to hide these cases under the table to protect their namesake. It sure does bring up the question of trust in the system. We expect these people to have our best interest in mind. If we can't trust these people who are suppose to be looking out for the good of the community then whom can we trust? Maybe we should have Walter weigh in on this one....


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